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Screen Statements #makeithappy

Screen Statements #MakeItHappy


We decided to participate in the campaign "Screen Statements" in class today.

Description of the campaign:


The Problem

Almost half of young people have seen or experienced online harassment, which can seriously impact self-esteem.


The Solution

Sending positive messages can improve people's self-esteem and decrease unhealthy, negative thoughts.

Keep the #MakeItHappy movement for online positivity going by taking down online negativity at the source: technology. You FTW!


Pictures of the preparations:



Ready, set, go ??

The principal got his computer bombarded with notes ??

We posted notes on the computer lab, administration and library. Some even ended up on the people working there, not only their phones and computers ????

The teachers and students got lots of notes as well ?? What a school!

Even our teacher, Miss Lange, was surprised when she got some notes - and very happy!



Our experience:

We were surprised by the power of a few post-it notes and some kind words. The administration, the teachers and the students laughed and smiled, and we do think that we improved their self-esteem, at least a couple of minutes. Maybe, it even made their day a little bit better. 


#Makeithappy #winning

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    Rap by: Amna Tarar

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    Musikkvideo #3

    Av: Yosef, Samet, Zakariya M. og Celine

    Credz til Bilal for heftig filming og beat

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    In the Local News!

    YOU MADE THE NEWS! I am proud of you all. You can read the rest of the article in the newspaper tomorrow. 




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    Musikkvideo #2

    Av: Fardin, Koshin, Jimmy, Reda og Izair

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    Rap by: Zakariya A. Mohammed

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    Rap by: Koshin Afhakama

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    musikkvideo #1

    Av: Yosef, Koshin, Zakariya M., Reda, Bilal og Haseeb

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    Rap by: Yosef Beegsi

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    Some bars 22 by Hoang

    No one is going to cry for you.

    The birds won't fly for you.

    Even your parents didn't come to say good bye.

    Do you still want to get hgh?


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    Some bars 21 by Celine

    The king will always win

    No matter about his skin

    He got shot

    By thinking with free thought


    He brought a lot

    Just because he fought

    But still it's injustice in so many countries

    We all have discovered


    If people just could be fair

    But now one dare

    This is not random

    We could all have freedom


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    Some bars 20 by Ali

    Shout for your right

    Even when its night

    I am just a normal person named Ali

    But i still try to fight like Muhammed Ali


    Hundred thousand people gets killed from every nation

    They still bomb schools and military stations

    Why not help the world civilization

    Lots of countries get afflicted by hunger and inflation

    Even Norway got bombed

    Cause of a racist man named Breivik, who was a blonde

    So why not stop the racism

    By killing the terrorism


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    Some bars 19 by Koshin

    All I see is war                                                                                                                 

    I ask god for a back door

    But all I see is a c4

    God told me to ignore                                                              

    But at the end of day

    I can only pray

    That one day

    It all will go away

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    Some bars 17 by Haseeb

    It was a time when the slaves digged their own graves

    It was a time when nobody got a grace

    That time have ended now, right?

    The answer is no, because many people still don?t see the light



    Segregation is the reason for the world?s conflicts

    Black or white, English or baltics

    What is the difference when we all are humans?

    That is because we have different ways to solve our solutions



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    Some bars 16 by Izel

    Greed can cause many lives

    Where Palestine and Israel arrives 
    No one knew what to do 
    When the sky was no longer blue
    They took me in their cage 
    When my life continued, together with my age 
    They destroyed my family 
    And made us unfree

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    Some bars 15 by Amna

    -        Just running down the street

    -        No lookin' back

    -        The bombs and the screams,

    -        ruining the beat

    -        The beat of my heart, that lack my feels

    -        Feelings of love, and feelings of hate

    -        All mixed up, but all so late

           Bilderesultat for ww2 kid 


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    Some bars 14 by Izair

    They took my freedom

    And I felt like I was beaten

    I had a dream about the king 

    Standing up for himself and not being afraid of anything


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    Some bars 13 by Fardin

    And don't want all that money; I just want to be free

    I don't wanna be like him, I just wanna be me

    Because I'm different and they are the same

    They think I'm the strange one, but they don know they are the shame


    Dictator thinks they are the king of the place

    But they don't know, killing has no face

    All they end up bad 

    And no one is getting sad



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    Some bars 12 by Reda

    For the others to fire then you set back

    And watch the death count gets higher

    And no wind was blowing and I knew that

    This was the hour of knowing


    I am sitting at the ground I see people dying

    But I ain`t see the souls flying

    I try to run from the bombs 

    To a place with lot of palms



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    Some bars 11 by Anita

    I know that screaming and punching

    Don't change anything

    But I know that Martin Luther King

    Is the thing


    What is freedom without his word,

    Stop and Listen

    Let his voice be heard


    We only have to help each other

    Help to remind and support our brother, also of different colour


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    Some bars 10 by Yasmina

    You can´t deny

    It´s worth I´ll try

    Even if you risk yourself 

    At least you know you have done something for the next generation 

    And God is going to make a recreation 


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    Video #2

    Zakaria B., Hoang, Reda, Sannia og Sapna

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    Video #1

    Haseeb, Elias, Izair, Yosef, Anita og Amna


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    Some bars 9 by Zakariya B.

    It`s a hard knock life,

    I love freedom, freedom of my life

    But they took it with their knife

    They said it was good,

    But they hide it with their hood


    My soul was dead, 

    But my body still slept in my bed

    I was tired of everything 

    My body was nothing

    -Zakariya B.

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    Some bars 8 by Zakariya M.

    Every direction is an obstruction

    With every kingdom is destruction

    The evil will be destroyed

    And we will enjoy


    Hand in hand we go

    All the truths we know

    We have been so low

    But now we know

     -Zakariya M.

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    Some bars 7 by Selma

    King wants the people to live like a bird

    He have a dream there people can live free 

    King choose good word

    They live like a bird


    People demonstrate in the gates

    The black people in the states is slaves

    We lived in a racism world

    But now I thank the fighters for the match we have, we are now in new world


    Freedom is the reason 

    They gave y'all right this season

    King is the fighter 

    He does my world brighter


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    Some bars 6 by Sannia

    Martin luther king just wanna let every one has their rights

    People are done with all this fights.

    They dream about a kingdom

    We all just wanna have our freedom.


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    Some bars 5 by Neha

    When the day I call

    So took my phone a men from Nepal

    The days I spent so cold so hungry

    were full of hate I was so angry


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    OUR THIRD RAP: Celine, Najib, Samet, Koshin, Yasmina og Neha



    They took my freedom

    But they had no reason

    They had no rights

    But I won't give up without a fight


     They pushed me around 

    I felt like I was going to break down

    I got no food

    And they was so rude


    They told me to be quiet

     It just felt like I was on a diet

     I  had a dream

     It was about getting a wife, a house and a kid


      I had a hero

    But now he`s just a zero

    He came out the night

    But now he`s out of my life


     Hush little boys 

    Don't be afraid

    Lately this have been treason played


    You can't deny

    It's worth a try

    This is our life

    It would not help with a knife


     They took my kids and my wife

    Out of my life

    I hade hope

    They police just asked me if I was on dope


    Hush little boys 

    Don't be afraid

    Lately this have been treason played


     I was living in my own bubble 

    Just because I was in trouble

    They treating me with cutting my throat

    So I wrote this note


     Martin Luther king had a dream

    He had to shout and scream 

    He gave us a voice

    By giving us the absolute choice


     Hush little boys

    Don't be afraid

    Lately this have been treason played


     Rosa parks was brave

    By misbehaving she resigned herself as a slave

    We se racism everywhere

    So for people it don't matters anyway


     That comes in the way for education

    And ruins the nation

    We have to fight like a fighter

    So the world could be brighter

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    OUR SECOND RAP: Zakaria B, Hoang, Reda og Sannia


    I`m sitting on the ground

    I see people dying

    I`m trying to sell my soul, but nobody is buying

    My body was a hopeless wreck



    How can people be happy?

    When poor people are feeling crappy

    We shouldn't feel blessed

    We should be depressed



    Our rights doesn't count for the society

    With no respect for the people's right to privacy

    We have to fight for the black and white

    We all have to do this right



    Free People is sitting on the steeple

    Sun is shining

    People is dying

    The whole world are crying


    Zakaria B

    Freedom is my life 

    We are fighting for our right

    We have much trouble

    We are living in a bubble



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    OUR FIRST RAP: Anita, Yosef, Izair, Amna, Elias og Haseeb




    Everybody should act like the king

    Stand up for themselves and not being afraid of anything

    If you really want to live free as a bird                                         

    You have to speak up, and let your voice be heard



    They took my rights just because I'm black

    Martin Luther King, he took them back

    R.I.P to the king, I have to thank you                                                    

    Because of everything you've gone through



    If you aren't against racism

    Then it's your fault for the world's segregation

    Racism is the world's stupidest situation

    Is that so hard to understand, do you need a translation?



    We are still fighting for freedom today

    I hope that everybody gets their rights someday

    I know it's hard, but we got to keep it together

    It depends on us; we can't live like this forever



    What is wrong with this world                                                         

    I swear it's making my head twirl

    I know this sounds a little crazy

    I know the future will get amazing

    Let's hope for a better world someday

    Everybody will get more freedom than today

    We have to end this evilness

    Don't let anybody stand in your way



    Malala is a brave girl; she is just a 17 year old

    She didn't do whatever she was told

    She fought for her amazing rights

    Look at all she has done, she is blowing everybody's minds



    Freedom is not a joke

    Without freedom, we're nothing but broke

    Everyday I have to fake a smile

    It feels like I ran a thousand miles



    We live in a big fat lie

    I can't do anything; I'm just a normal guy

    I feel like I'm having a meltdown

    I wish Mandela was here right now



    I just wanna live a long and healthy life

    And get a beautiful wife

    Freedom is like paradise

    And it feels like a pride





    What is wrong with this world                                                         

    I swear it's making my head twirl

    I know this sounds a little crazy

    I know the future will get amazing

    Let*s hope for a better world someday

    Everybody will get more freedom than today

    We have to end this evilness today

    Don't let anybody stand in your way



    I don't know why we have racism

    Racists should be sent to prison

    We're both made of flesh and blood

    So why do I get treated like mud?



    I need a logical reason for segregation

    my head is tired, I need a long vacation

    if you are a racist, watch your back

    cause someday you will get a hard smack



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    Timen vår 25. februar

    Onsdag 25. februar jobbet alle sammen med gruppe rappen. Elevene er snart ferdige, de fleste har til og med startet å spille inn rappen deres. På fredag må alle sammen levere både gruppe og sin egen rap. 

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    WORK IN PROGRESS PART 4: Some bars


    Some inspirational bars by Sapna Mehr-Un-Nisa Ahmad 

    Inspirerende nye rim av Sapna Mehr-Un-Nisa Ahmad


    But in your heart

    You should forgot the weakest part

    Just make a new beginning 

    It will be amazing

    You know you gotta live it 

    Keep trying to fix it

    Keep fighting for your rights

    In my life I want colorful lights

    No matter how hard it can be

    Until the reaper comes with a key

    And end your fight

    Everything will be all right



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    Vår time i går//Our lesson yesterday: 13/02/15

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    WORK IN PROGRESS PART 3: Some bars

    Impressive new bars by Samet Gunes

    Imponerende og ferske rim av Samet Gunes


    One day I had a dream 

    It was just a horrible scream

    I had some hope

    But I couldn't reach the rope


    My life was broken down

    But it's like I am living in a ghost town

    Just living all alone

    Because my family is blown



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    Oppsumering av dagen: onsdag 11. februar 2015

    I denne videoen kan dere se noen bilder fra dagen. I dag ville de fleste elevene jobbe med deres egne rap. Noen er snart ferdige, og hittil er det flere gode vers. 

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    3. time

    Under, på bildene kan dere se hvordan vi har jobbet den 3. timen. 

    Nå har alle kommet godt i gang. Mange av gruppene er snart ferdige og noen har til og med starter å spille inn deres rap.  


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    WORK IN PROGRESS PART 2: Some bars


    Impressive new bars by Yosef Mohamed Beegsi

    Imponerende og ferske rim av Yosef Mohamed Beegsi


    I believe everybody should act like the King

    Standing up for themselves and not being afraid of anything 

    If you want to live free as a bird

    You have to speak up, and let your voice be heard


    They took my rights just because I'm black 

    Martin Luther King took them back

    Martin Luther King, I have to thank you                                                                     

    Because of everything that you have gone through


    If you aren't against racism

    Then it's your fault for the worlds segregation

    Racism is the world's stupidest situation

     Is that so hard to understand, do you need a translation?


    Yosef Mohamed Beegsi

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    WORK IN PROGRESS - Kings of rap





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    LET'S MAKE A RAP - and make a difference!

    Vi har startet med et nytt prosjekt. Dette prosjektet går ut på at alle skal lage en egen rap-låt  og en rap-låt i gruppe. Låten må inneholde historiske, personlige og dagsaktuelle referanser. Formålet og budskapet med prosjektet er hvordan "ungdomskulturen" i Groruddalen kan bli brukt for å inspirere og motivere ungdom og voksne verden over. Nøkkelordet for prosjektet er "freedom". Låtene kan ikke inneholde nedsettende språk eller banneord.

    Denne gangen har vi ønsket å dokumentere prosessen vår. Dette er noen bilder fra de siste timene, hvor vi har jobbet sammen i grupper.

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    9. film: peace

    Av: Sniah, Emilie og Sannia 

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    8. film: Sunniva- My hero

    Av: Celine

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    7. film: Humen Rights

    Av: Selma, Amna; Anita og Yasmina

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    6. film: 2Pac

    Del 1:

    Del 2:

    Av: Ali, Yosef og Jimmy

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    14. essay: David Belle

    "David Belle is an actor, choreoggrapher and tracer."

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    13. essay: Bruce Lee

    "At November 27, year 1940 a martial artist ang legend was born. His name was Bruce Lee. "

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    12. essay: My hero - mom

    "I chose to write about my mom because she's my hero, and the one I look up to, and I can't deny that."

    Dette er skrevet av Amna.

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    11. essay: My heroes: Rosa Parks & Abraham Lincoln

    "Without these people, we would still had this unfair acts. We would still had racism and slavery. "

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    10. essay: Christiano Ronaldo

    "I like Ronaldo because when I see him playing football it is so many good skills. "

    Dette er skrevet av Bilal.

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    5. Film: Nelson Mandela

    Av: Reda

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    9. essay: Nelson Mandela

    "Nelson Mandela fought for human rights. It effected many. Everyone had to be equally worthwhile and be treated equally."

    Dette er skrevet av Selma.

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    4. Film: Meek Mill

    Av: Zakaria M. og Fardin

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    8. essay: Malcolm X

    " He was a really important symbol for the black people. He wasn't afraid to stand up to the Klu Klux Klan"

    "Why black people looked up to him. He was a very brave person. That is why many black people listened and looked up to him. He stood up for what he said, and wasn't  afraid of using violence if he had to."

    Dette er skrevet av Yosef

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    3. Film: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Av: Koshin, Samet og Talal

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    7. essay: Family

    "Their stories inspire me, therfore my mom and my dad is my hero." 

    Dette er skrevet av Zakaria B.

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    6. essay: Christiano Ronaldo

    "Ronaldo is a football player. He is known over the whole world. I mean he is the best football player. "

    Dette er skrevet av Samet.

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    2. Film: Family

    video:my movie



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    5. essay: Peace

    "Peace is a word fir so much good in this world, and peace is all we want."

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    4. essay: My daddy, my hero!

    "I know in this world it is many heroes that people look up to. It can be a superhero, a human rights defender, a politican and celebrites. But I chose my dad."

    Dette er skrevet av Anita.

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    3. essay: Imran Khan

    "He was famous but become more popular in younger generation, for his politics and his ideas and faith for the people of his country."

    "He wants to stop corruption and every bad things in Pakistan. He wants to build a new Pakistan. he believes in the future of the Pakistani nation."

    Dette er skrevet av Sapna.

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    2. essay: My hero & my bestfriend Sunniva

    "The last reason that Sunniva is my hero is because she is my best friend and she always makes me smile and laugh even when I'm really grumpy, and she never let me down."

    Dette er skrevet av Celine.

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    1. essay: Mohammad Ali Jinnah


    "Actually, I have to hero, but if I had to choose one, then I would have chosen Mohammad Ali Jinnah... A great politician, a great leader"


    Dette er skrevet av Haseeb.

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    1. Film: Human Rights

    Izel and Tina

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    Om bloggen


    Vi er en klasse fra Lindeberg skole som har lagd denne bloggen for å publisere arbeidet som vi lager i engelsk fordypning. I denne bloggen skal du få lese om våre helter, frihet,fred og  menneskerettigheter. Vi vil både publisere filmer og tekster om forskjellige temaer.


    Om du lurer på noe er det bare å kommentere noe under i kommentarfeltet som vi skal prøve å svare på. 

     "A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." Ralph Waldo Emerson


  • ourheroes

    Hei, vi er elever fra Lindeberg skole (9. klasse) som har engelsk fordypning. Denne bloggen har vi får å vise andre våre prosjekter og hvordan vi arbeider. Er det noe du lurer på så er det bare å kommentere eller for kontakt kan du sende en mail til vår lærer Aurora: aurora.lange@lindeberg.gs.oslo.no.



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